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The following information addresses frequently asked questions about the Northwestern University/Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan ("NU/Aetna Plan).

Q) Am I required to have health insurance?
A) All full-time students are required to have health insurance at all times. Non-international, part-time, half-time and School of Professional Studies students are exempt from this requirement.

Q) Is it mandatory that I take the NU/Aetna Plan?
A) Please review the criteria in order to waive participation in the NU-sponsored student health insurance plan from Aetna Student Health at:

Q) How do I enroll in or waive the NU/Aetna plan as a full-time student?
A) Follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your NU CAESAR Account at using your Net ID and Password. You will arrive at the Home page upon login.
  2. On the Home page scroll down to the Quick Links section and click on the Health Coverage Plan link (or navigate from Main Menu > Quick Links > Health Coverage Plan). You will arrive at the Insurance Requirements page.
  3. Review the information on the page and either press Click Here to Continue or select the NU Insurance Selection Form tab. You will arrive at the NU Insurance Coverage Selection Form page.

Note: Next you must select one of the options presented (Option 1a, Option 1b or Option 2).

  1. Select Option 1a to enroll in the NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance plan.
  2. Click: “I have read and understand the above statement.”
  3. Click the Submit button, then Yes, and finally OK to complete your selection.
  1. Select Option 1b to enroll in the NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance AND to continue your other health insurance plan in addition to the NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance.
  2. Complete the section to provide your other health insurance information.
  3. Click: “I have read and understand the above statement.”
  4. Click Submit, then Yes, and finally OK to complete your selection.
  1. Select Option 2 to waive the NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance and continue your other health insurance plan.
  2. Complete the required questionnaire.
  3. Complete the section to provide your other health insurance information.
  4. Click: “I have read and understand the above statement” to indicate that you have read and understood the information provided.
  5. Click Submit, then Yes, and finally OK to complete your selection.


Q) When is the deadline to enroll or waive the NU/Aetna Plan?
A)  October 1, 2014 (Open Enrollment runs from July 1st to October 1st).   

Q) How do I enroll in the NU/Aetna plan as a part-time or half-time student?
A)  Call 847 491-2110 (Evanston Campus), 312-503-1242 (Chicago Campus) or e-mail for more information on enrollment.  Request a “Part Time Application” form to enroll.  Part-time and half-time students cannot enroll via CAESAR. Note that you must be taking at least two classes towards a degree to enroll.  Non-degree seeking students are not eligible to enroll.

Q) I am a full-time student who wants to enroll in thee NU/Aetna plan. When will my NU CAESAR account be charged for the insurance premium?
First, make sure your Coverage Selection Form is completed in CAESAR with Option 1a or 1b selected. Then, verify that your class registration has posted full-time in CAESAR. When these two steps are completed and an automated billing cycle occurs in CAESAR (usually the tenth day of each month, with additional cycles run in August and September), you will see the NU/Aetna Plan premium post to your CAESAR account. Call 847 491-2110 or email if you having billing questions.

Q) I am a TGS 510/511/512 student. Am I classified as a full-time student?
A) Yes, CAESAR classifies the above students as full-time. TGS 510/511/512 students are subject to full-time student health insurance requirements.

Q) I am a Physical Therapy/Prosthetics-Orthotics/Physician Assistant Student. How do I enroll in the NU/Aetna Plan?
The above listed students cannot enroll via the online Coverage Selection Form in CAESAR.  A hard copy of the Coverage Selection Form (PDF) must be submitted to the Insurance Office during the specified Open Enrollment period.  However, a part-time application may be required to be submitted.  Please contact the Student Insurance Office for more information at 847 491-2113 (Evanston Campus) or 312 503-1242 (Chicago Campus).

Q) Can I still cancel the NU/Aetna Plan once my account has been charged for not complying with insurance requirements?
A) No, the next time you can cancel the plan will be the following academic year during Open Enrollment.

Q) Where can I find more information on the NU/Aetna Plan?
A)  Click the following link:  NU/Aetna Plan Homepage  or call Aetna Student Health Customer Service at 877 626-2314, Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time.  You may also call the NU Student Insurance Office at 847 491-2113 (Evanston Campus), 312 503-1242 (Chicago Campus) or email for more information.

Q) What is covered under the Northwestern University Student Health Insurance Plan?
A) The student insurance plan provides coverage for outpatient service due to illness, inpatient hospital care, mental health or if you need to go to the Emergency Room. The plan has a $250 deductible. After the deductible has been met, students will be responsible for a 20% co-insurance with a maximum out-of-pocket expense of an additional $1,500. After the deductible and co-payment requirements have been met, the insurance will pay 100% of all covered medical expenses.  Also, there are is a $20 per office visit co-pay whey you are seen outside of NU Health Service.  For 2014-15, this co-pay will count toward your $250 deductible and $1,550 co-insurance, as will your prescription co-pays and mental health co-pays.  Deductible & co-insurance amounts reset annually September 1st. For more details, please refer to the 2014-15 NU Aetna Student Health Brochure.

Q) Am I covered when I am away from campus?
A) Yes, the plan covers you off-campus, anywhere in the United States and around the world.

Q) What should I do if I need to see a doctor or have a laboratory test?
A) If you are in Cook and Lake County (Chicagoland) in Illinois, a referral is required. Come to the NU Health Service to obtain a referral.  If you have an emergency health situation go straight to an ER or call 911, no referral is needed. As a full-time student, you are entitled to see a physician or practitioner at the Health Service with no office visit charge due. This is a benefit of being a full-time student and is not part of any insurance plan.

Q) What if I am at home, on vacation, on an internship away from campus, or out of the country?
A) A referral is not required if services are rendered outside of Cook and Lake Counties in Illinois. However, for services that are rendered in the United States, the providers should be in the Aetna Student Health network and the services must fall within the benefit guidelines.

Q) Can I enroll in the NU insurance and also keep my parents' or spouse's insurance?
A) Yes. However, please note that the NU insurance plan is usually primary to other insurance you may have.

Q) If I get sick at night or on weekends, what should I do?
A) If you are an Evanston Campus student, call 847-491-8100.  On the Chicago Campus, call 312-503-8503.

Q) If I waive the plan, can I enroll in the plan later?
A) Yes, though there are certain conditions that must be met. You can enroll in the plan after the open enrollment period has ended only if you experience a life changing event (loss of coverage through a parent’s policy, marriage, withdrawal from the university, etc.). Contact for assistance.

Q) If I graduate or leave Northwestern before the end of the academic year (August 31st), can I get a refund for the NU insurance premium?
A) Yes, you can get a refund for the unused quarters by completing a Health Insurance Cancellation Form 6-8 weeks before graduation. Request the cancellation form by contacting or visit either Student Health Insurance Office in person.

Please call the NU Student Insurance Office with any questions you may have at 847-491-2113 (Evanston Campus) or 312-503-1242 (Chicago Campus).