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Health Insurance Resources for Returning Students - Fall 2013-14

Returning full-time students who wish to retain their current heath insurance status for the 2013-14 academic year (either enrolled in or waiving the NU/Aetna plan) do not need to do anything other than have their class registration post full-time in CAESAR. Your 2012-13 status will roll over to the 2013-14 academic year.

If you had elected the NU/Aetna Plan for the 2012-13 academic year, once your full-time class registration status becomes active for fall 2013, your CAESAR account will be charged a premium of $3,067 for a full academic year’s worth of health insurance coverage. If you wish to change your health insurance status (either enroll in or waive the NU/Aetna plan) the deadline is Tuesday, October 1, 2013.

  • All full-time students must have health insurance coverage, either through the NU/Aetna plan, or from a private health insurance plan. This is a Northwestern University requirement.
  • If your registration status is not full-time during the fall quarter, your student account will not be charged for the NU/Aetna plan. In order to continue the insurance as a part-time student, you will need to complete a “Part Time Application” form. See the "Part-Time Students" section below for more information. The deadline to enroll for fall 2013 part-time students is also Tuesday, October 1, 2013.

Effective July 1, 2013, all full-time returning students can go through their CAESAR Account using their NetID and password to make changes to their health insurance status (this does not apply to School of Continuing Studies and other part-time students).

To change your health insurance status via CAESAR (Web-based Coverage Selection Form):

  1. Log into your NU CAESAR Account at using your Net ID and Password. You will arrive at the Home page upon login.
  2. On the Home page scroll down to the Quick Links section and click on the Health Coverage Plan link (or navigate from Main Menu > Quick Links > Health Coverage Plan). You will arrive at the Insurance Requirements page.
  3. Review the information on the page and either press Click Here to Continue or select the NU Insurance Selection Form tab. You will arrive at the NU Insurance Coverage Selection Form page.

Note: Next you must select one of the options presented (Option 1a, Option 1b or Option 2).

  1. Select Option 1a to enroll in the NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance plan.
  2. Click: “I have read and understand the above statement.”
  3. Click the Submit button, then Yes, and finally OK to complete your selection.
  1. Select Option 1b to enroll in the NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance AND to continue your other healthinsurance plan in addition to the NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance.
  2. Complete the section to provide your other health insurance information.
  3. Click: “I have read and understand the above statement.”
  4. Click Submit, then Yes, and finally OK to complete your selection.
  1. Select Option 2 to waive the NU/Aetna Student Health Insurance and continue your other health insurance plan.
  2. Complete the required questionnaire.
  3. Complete the section to provide your other health insurance information.
  4. Click: “I have read and understand the above statement” to indicate that you have read and understood the information provided.
  5. Click Submit, then Yes, and finally OK to complete your selection.

Once you have enrolled in or waived the student health insurance via CAESAR, you should receive a confirmation email. After October 1, 2013, students registered for the fall quarter will not be able to complete the Web-based Coverage Selection Form. Only new entering students for the Winter, Spring and Summer Quarters can complete a Coverage Selection Form when Open Enrollment is available for each quarter.

Students who are enrolled in the Physical Therapy/Prosthetics-Orthotics, part-time School of Continuing Studies, please refer to your corresponding section below.

International Students

A mandate has been set by the NU Office of the Provost requiring that International Students attending NU will be automatically enrolled in the NU/Aetna plan. "International Student" is defined as holding a F-1 or J-1 United States Visa. As an International Student, you do not need to complete the online Coverage Selection Form.  Upon your full time class registration posting in the CAESAR system, your CAESAR account will automatically be charged and enrollment into the NU/Aetna plan completed.  The effective coverage period will be retroactive back to September 1, 2013, valid through August 31, 2014.  Please confirm that your local Illinois address is updated in the CAESAR system, as that is where Aetna Student Health will forward your active membership card for proof of coverage.   

Graduate Students: Graduate Students who are enrolled in courses 510, 511 and 512 are considered Full Time and must meet NU’s health insurance requirements for Full Time Students.

Physical Therapy/Prosthetics-Orthotics Students

Students that are in the Physical Therapy or Prosthetics-Orthotics programs cannot enroll online. Students must submit a hard copy of the Coverage Selection Form (PDF) to the Student Health Insurance Office (fax to 312 503-1575). However, in some cases it may be that a part-time application form is required. Please call the Chicago Campus Student Health Insurance Office for more information at 312-503-1242.

Part-Time Students

Part-time, half-time, and School of Continuing Studies students may enroll in the plan on a voluntary basis.  Students complete the Part Time Application (PDF) and submit payment to the Insurance Office prior to the close of Open Enrollment. 

Students must be taking at least two classes towards a degree to qualify for NU/Aetna plan enrollment.  Non-degree seeking students are not eligible to enroll.

Garrett Evangelical Students

Garrett Seminary students must contact their school administrator for insurance enrollment information. Send an email to Kathryn Lindsey at or call 847 866-3948.


Aetna Student Health Insurance is referral based.  Students should schedule an appointment at either NU Health Service location (633 Emerson St in Evanston/Searle Hall, or 675 N. St. Clair Street, Galter Pavilion/18th Floor, Suite 200 at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation in Chicago) for evaluation by medical personnel to obtain a referral for medical services.

Failure to obtain a referral for treatment by a Specialist in Lake or Cook Counties in Illinois will result in Aetna Student Health assessing you a $500 non-referral Penalty.  If the specialist seeing you is outside of Lake or Cook County in Illinois, you do not need to obtain a referral. In any case, be certain whomever sees you is within the Aetna Student Health Network for maximum insurance coverage. If you have an emergency health situation, no referral is needed:  go straight to an emergency room (ER) or call 911.  After you are seen at an ER, obtain a referral from either location of NU Health Service if you need follow up care.

If you have referral questions, please contact the Aetna Student Health Customer Service at 877 626-2314.  You may also call the Student Insurance Office for more information at 847 491-2113 (Evanston Campus) or 312 503-1242 (Chicago Campus).

Please note: referrals obtained during the 2013-14 academic year are good until the expiration date of August 31, 2014.  Dependents are not required to obtain a referral, and cannot be seen at NU Health Service.